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Who is scott clifton dating

Bill fires Liam when the Forresters decide to sue him and comes across a picture that Liam had left in his office.

Bill is shocked to see that the picture is that of his old college girlfriend, Kelly Hopkins.

With encouragement from Katie and Hope, Bill and Liam do get past the resentment each had for the other and form a father-son bond.

Hope turns to Liam for support when she decides to end her relationship with Oliver.

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However, while on vacation on Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Liam finds out that Hope is with Steffy's brother, Thomas Forrester, and staying at the same resort as him and Steffy.

Despite Amber making advances towards him, Liam remains loyal to Hope.

The Amber saga ends on June 20, 2011 when DNA tests reveal that Marcus Forrester, not Liam or Oliver, is the father of Amber's baby daughter.

Liam and Throne bond while they wait for the DNA test results to come in.

However, the tests showed that Bill is Liam's father, not Thorne.


  1. At his young age, Scott Clifton has become quite the accomplished actor and a daytime favorite, having now appeared on three top daytime soap operas;

  2. Relationship dating details of Scott Clifton and Nicole Lampson and all the other celebrities they've hooked up with.

  3. The character has been portrayed by Scott Clifton since 2010. Liam is. Liam and Ivy agreed that the marriage is only on paper and that they're still dating because.

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