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Who is nik richie dating

“Courtney made sexual advances at me every time we were alone in the house.

She didn't care — she even did it in front of Doug and he was cool with it," Nik accuses.

Sex, Lies and The Dirty is Nik’s confession of the backstage realities of his website, and his sordid lifestyle prior to hooking up with his lovely wife Shayne.

Nik Richie is the host of a weekly web-radio show that commands a million listeners each week.

Last night Courtney's pimpmomager Krista Keller returned and the unorthodox mother-daughter duo sat down with Dr.

"This is a desperate attempt by Courtney's mom to use Doug to fulfill a dream and or sexual fantasy she could never have,” Nik says.

Of course, Krista budding reality star of her own and grade A fame whore, had a response.

Tiny and Jo Jo had a break-through in which he finally admitted he needed to seek help with his alcoholism to save his family and his life. Speaking to The Huffingrton Post, Nik reflects on his experiences dealing with the creepy couple and he has some very interesting reactions.

Nik claims Courtney was out of control at the house and it was beyond inappropriate.


  1. Nov 29, 2012. Last night was the season finale of Couples Therapy and it seemed as if everyone was on a path to rebuilding relationships and moving past in-house dynamics. Everyone but Shaynik, aka Nik Richie and Shayne Lamas and Dourtney, aka Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison, that is! Right from the.

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