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Most commonly, "percussion" is used to describe an instrument that makes sound when struck, so Percussion links directly to the article about the instrument; the medical-usage of the term is located at Percussion (medicine).

When there are two or more distinct uses for the same term within medicine or anatomy, using the disambiguation word "medicine" or "anatomy" will not be sufficient for distinction between topics.

Where there is a dispute over a name, editors should cite recognised authorities and organisations rather than conduct original research.ellitus").

Sometimes you add information that is specific to one country: for example, drug-licensing and health-service provisions.

In this situation, the general medical specialty (for medicine) or specific body part (for anatomy) should be used.

For example, "foramen ovale" may refer to either the structure of the skull or the heart.

For instance, the primary and most common use of the word "foot" is for the body part at the end of the leg.

Thus, Foot is the appropriate title of the article; while Foot (length) is an article about the unit of measurement called foot. In cases when a medical- or anatomy-related term is a secondary use for a more common usage, only the medical (or anatomical) article requires a disambiguation.


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