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Updating software in linux

The “Notify me of a new Ubuntu version:” menu should contain options “For any new version” (the default for a non-LTS, replacing “Normal releases”), “For long-term support versions” (the default for an LTS, replacing “Long term support releases only”), and “Never”, in that order.

There should be no progress or other confirmation feedback for turning Livepatch on or off, even though the state of the system may lag behind the state of the UI, because there is no benefit from waiting for it to finish.

For example: Software Updater should launch automatically, in the background but not minimized, when the computer has been connected to the Internet for at least one minute (bug 385433), you are logged in as an administrator, no other package management utility (d.

non-security updates require a restart to finish installing, and the “When there are other updates” interval has passed since Software Updater was last open (either automatically or manually) (part of bug 1033226).

For example, if you uncheck, recheck, and uncheck the checkbox quickly, Livepatch should turn off once, with no progress feedback, and nothing further should happen.

When checking interactively, Software Updater should display only a progress window.If no updates are available and no previous updates require a restart, the progress window should morph into a note alert.It should have secondary text if, since the last restart, Livepatch attempted to apply any updates.To enable the updates simply remove the comment line ( // ).If you dont want to install the software updates for certain packages, just add those package names in the Blacklist: The above configuration updates the package list, downloads, and installs available upgrades every day. If this installs all updates regardless of level (1 - 5), is there a way to control that so only specific levels are installed?If the partial check, and any previous check, found no installable updates, this should be followed simply by “Settings…”, “Check Again”, and “OK” buttons.But if the partial check, and any previous check, If the check fails because of an error, the progress window should morph into an error alert, with the title “Software Updater” and primary text depending on the exact situation (bug 1153569, part of bug 1026060).Installation of software updates are very important in every operating system.We can either configure the installation of package updates manually or automatically in Linux Mint.So the same that I do when I press update in update manager?So that if I installed something new from a new ppa or any other archiv is automatically included!? nice tutorial In 17.1 you also have to add the Rows: "Ubuntu trusty-security"; and "Ubuntu trusty-updates"; into /etc/apt/d/50unattended-upgrades to get the ubuntu-updates, otherwise you'll just update the Mint-Packages Personally I also love one option Unattended-Upgrade:: Install On Shutdown "true"; Just remove the //, so it's not a comment anymore, and the updates will be done, when the PC is shut down.


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