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Updating router firmware d link

(If you can't unzip the files, you may need Win ZIP for Windows, or Stuff It for Mac) Step 2. Click on the Tools taband then the Update Gateway button on the leftside. Once the file hasgone through and the unit has rebooted login again. Now click on the Browse button again and browse to the Kernel fileyou unzipped in Step 2. Once the upgrade has finished the unit will reboot.Once you've downloaded and unzipped thefirmware, open a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscapeand enter the IP address of your router ( The default username isadmin (all lower case) and the default password isadmin (all lower case). Click on the Browse button and browse to the FS file you unzipped in Step 2. Highlight the file byclicking on it once and click Open. Oncethe unit has been rebooted and you are logged in go to Tools andupdate gateway. Disconnect the power to the router, then plug it backin and wait 20 seconds.Step 1 Download the latest firmware version for your device.Go to download center for your Region on the TP-Link website.Highlight the fileby clicking on it once and click Open. The current firmware version should now show thenew version of the firmware. Then, hold the Resetswitch on the back for 10 seconds.

Go to a Web browser and enter either " or "" Enter your username and password ("admin" and "password" for most models, if you haven't changed them — although some older models don’t have usernames), then click on the Advanced tab on the top of the screen.Then, upload your unzipped file and let the router install the update.Asus also recommends you reset the router after the installation is complete by pressing the reset button on the router's underside for 5 seconds.Few routers update their firmware automatically, and even just accessing your router's web interface requires toying around with arcane IP addresses, usernames and passwords.You may have to manually download software; you may have to flip your router over and read teeny, tiny serial numbers.Amped Wireless makes some of our favorite routers for gamers.That's convenient, because updating Amped Wireless firmware takes a little tech know-how that should sound familiar to anyone who's built a PC.Please find out the correct hardware version and read the important note before the upgrade.2) Do NOT upgrade the firmware via wireless connection 3) Do NOT turn off the power or cut down the Ethernet cable during upgrade process 4)Please pay attention to the Notes of the firmware you downloaded.Then select Administration from the left-hand menu, and Router Update.From there, just click on the Check button, and your router will scour Netgear's servers for an upgrade.


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