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Twitterific not updating

The very fact that Badu specifically says “As a woman I feel violated and underestimated” requires a statement from the Lips addressing this specific sense of violation.

As a longtime fan, I want to hear why the band not only released a video without buy-in from a collaborating artist, but also why that video features sexualized and borderline demeaning images of women (but not men).

Wayne Coyne waving around a tinfoil cape or whatever that was?

Or in the Lips/New Fumes collab, “Girl You’re So Weird,” which also features two naked women of color? But Badu’s staunch discomfort with the project suggests the latter.

But because they have agreed to collaborate, they should work together, “awkwardly close” to the pain, to make something they both think is worthwhile.

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But when they’re not, as Erykah does not seem to be, you need to change course.

Is there a deeper subtext to the colorful-bordering-on-demeaning nudity, or is it all just totally weird and random?

Just silly, and not , it’s not entirely clear what’s going on in the video for “The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face” (which, if you’re not current on Twitter feuds, has sparked a huge one between Lips frontman Wayne Coyne and singer Erykah Badu—read up).

Erykah Badu and her sister Nayrok glowing (with glitter or just naturally)? Erykah’s perfectly painted nails sailing rainbows through clear water? So, since he’s got such a great ass, why isn’t Wayne the one getting naked in the video?

Wayne’s ass, though it doesn’t appear in the video, has been posted on Twitter and is not half bad, for a man in his fifties, and although his voice can’t quite be called beautiful, exactly, it has a very moving, plaintive tone at its best.


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