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Trouble updating iphone apps

The tech giant will take care of the issue and offer the better solution to it.

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My main interest in getting serial communication working is that it would be very helpful for some of my mobile installations like the Wind-up birds, a network of mechanical woodpeckers, where a lot of the work is setting up a network between several xbee radio modems.I haven´t found a reliable source for how much current you can draw, but have seen 80-100m A mentioned a few places.This works fine with the standard xbee, as it draws around 40m A.Other options When searching for solutions, some projects show up which claim that “the iphone controls my RC car/my garagedoor” etc, but actually the iphone is communicating with a pc which then again communicates with an arduino.This is ok for protyping, but I want to get rid of the PC part (Actually there was a project in 2008 which uses iphone-xbee to control a rc-car.Currently the BTstack is only able to read serial data.There is a demo app showing how a wii controller controls a model of the wii on the iphone.There is also the Human API project which has made an interface for a pulserate sensor, based on the BTstack and a programming environment called Phone Gap.Maybe sometime soon it will be possible to access the serialport on the iphone without jailbreaking it.i Phone users occasionally run into a strange error – the 9, 4005, 4014 / 4013 – that prevents you from upgrading to latest i OS version via i Tunes.Barring OTA updates, any update that is done through i Tunes runs the risk of several errors and one of them, the 4013/4014, is our concern here.


  1. After updating to iOS 8/iOS 8.2. iPhone 6 Plus as well as iPad Air 2 and iPhone 5s. Note You can still download apps by signing with your password.

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