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Kim Xo Xo Reply Mine too he literally dumped me off at a new townhouse with our daughter and said goodbye! It was like watching the cycles played over and over in my mind of the past 20 years!! He would go into rages when he lived with me so i did not no what happened .This was during the Christmas season, freezing outside and the following weekend he showed up at my door to collect our daughter to run errands with his new supply waiting in his truck in my driveway. The more I read about narcissists, the more I am amazed at what I put up with and how deeply I was manipulated. I finally get a text i am with kristen now she is loyal i dont need you your full of drama if you text me again i will get you for phone harrassment i will call the cops .The cycle of emotional and verbal abuse, the vicious cycle of discard and demeaning of people is atrocious. They’ll tell you what you want to hear to tart the cycle of abuse all over again when you implement the NO CONTACT. Reply Kim, I’ve been reading your emails and writings for about a year. But on an emotional level it is so hard to accept that the man I so loved is just an empty shell. She’s left again and Ive not heard from her in over a week. She tells me that its usually when she is feeling weak after a cocaine comedown… I also believe that she goes back to her ex every time i am blocked and vice versa. Ive supported her through so much, mentally, emotionally, financially and she doesn’t seem to remember any of it.They can move on as if nothing ever happen and never want to speak on or own the nasty fake people they’ve become. I hit the bottom a few months back and have been at the Choice Point for some time. The love letter hit hard because I know it is true, but it hurts so very much. Our last conversation she was telling me to leave her alone and how much better off she is without me. To her I am just a needy ex which I am sure she is telling all her friends and family. Twice she’s also been informally diagnosed with Bipolar by 2 different therapists.What woman would fall for that coming from a married man with two small children?? It honestly blows my mind how charming he can be when he wants, yet so hurtful and destructive when he wants. I feel i filed my husband why did he ride me down and sought me out just to destroy me and throw me away . I pray for my healing from my husbands death and the death of the demon named quan .

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She doesn’t even bother with the dog anymore, which is why I think she’s gone for good this time. I want her to get in contact, so that I can be the one to finally say , we are done. who would have thought that this is who she turned out to be ? She can’t hold down a job event though she is amazing at what she does and always gets great pay but has never once saved any.

The female narc will demean and disrespect you and treat you like dirt and say that you are the mean one. Suddenly a new supply I was thrown to the wolves Reply I have been on and off with my ex for 5 years. She would constantly leave me, make me beg, then come back promising me the world and how I was the love of her life she wanted to get married, have babies etc. When she was depressed or on a come down, she would agree.

I caution all men that it is fun to have a beauty on your arm but at what cost. By the time my second child was born zero affection, intimacy the mask started to fall and he knew that I knew! She has a bad cocaine problem, and yes I suppose I did try to control that and get her into rehab.

3 years takes my money my water bill is due and I have no way to pay it and he knows I can afford and reconnect fee. Don’t sue someone who can prove you had an relationship.

He is sick and will not stop I do not know how to stay away when my daughters and yes me would do anything for him to change. I kept two years worth of text messages to prove we had a relationship to combat his lies or if he wants to sue me.


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