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I'm pretty sure this was depicted with model kits when it originally ran in Dengeki Hobby.The rest of the book is just plain text with some black and white images.It's engaging one of the MP Evas with the knife and charging some kind of black energy ball by its chest.Unit 02 is hanging in the air crucified on white crosses of light.In the background you can see the damaged city and Geofront with the Evas circling overhead.It's really cool and I hope a quality scan surfaces eventually.I've heard from second hand sources that Shinji uses an upgraded version of the progressive knife or magorox sword wielded by the Super Evangelion, which supposedly cuts through objects with the power of a micro-black hole. I can tell there are Evas in the story from the pictures I've seen while looking ANIMA up. There's definitely room for a proper artbook, especially given the fact that in the monthly serializations some of the illustrations got shoved into the black and white pages while the originals are full color. Edit: They just arrived a few minutes ago and my initial impression is... They're about the size of your normal paperback novel with roughly the same quality paper.Also, though this might not have a definitive answer, why is manga more often translated into/licensed in English than light novels? There is a nice glossy cover with a dust jacket and some glossy pages at the front.

A copy of the license is included in the section entitled GNU Free Documentation License.

But it seems that there are two forms of Super Eva's pseudo-evolution in ANIMA. It's nice to finally have it all compiled, but disappointing that it will be in tiny, TINY B6 format.

The first image depicts SI Adam himself manifesting as an energy being shrouding the Super Eva, and the second image depicts the Super Eva radiating light from itself, much like Eva 13's awakened form. From what I understand, Shinji was originally the "human" part of Adam that was cast off in order to bring it closer to divinity. Hopefully we'll at least get a large format artbook on the side someday.

Everything else sounds about as expected of compiled light novels.

One thing to note that was in an amazon review is that apparently Hiroyuki Utatane's character art got omitted.


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