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Speed dating at the melting pot in louisville ky

It appears to be a fanatic grasping onto anything possible, in support of a losing cause.

Prosecutors say Hall then used a company he owned, S&K Properties, to funnel money to Shortridge.RIP GOPVOTE THEM OUTALISON 2014DITCH "NOT MY JOB" MITCH In the eight years GW was President, he never once greeted fallen troops.Remember that the next time some chicken hawk bleats about coffee cups. RIP GOPVOTE THEM OUTALISON 2014DITCH "NOT MY JOB" MITCH "You or Mitch. "If you don't vote a few people with lots of money will speak for YOUVOTE FOR KENTUCKY.......Other campaign outfits designed to boost Mc Connells election prospects are funded by oil and coal interests.Americans for Prosperity, the advocacy group backed by the oil and gas billionaire Koch brothers, set up a Kentucky chapter this year to boost get-out-the-vote efforts.Mc Connell has been very quiet on the campaign trail about his role in the congressional debate, even though he was no doubt quite active as the majority whip at the time.This appears to be the first time he brought it up since the race began.Hall's indictment will not affect the November election. He allegedly told agents that he had no connection to DKJ.The Democrat lost the May primary election by 209 votes to fellow Democrat Chris Harris. Mitch Mc Connell Reminds Everyone He Tried to Privatize Social Security With less than two weeks to go in the Kentucky Senate race, minority leader Mitch Mc Connell made the unusual choice to bring up his past support for privatizing Social Security.In a speech before the Louisville Rotary Club, Mc Connell recalled how hard he worked to get then-President George W. Ace Kentucky reporter Joe Sonka flagged the remarks:“After Bush was re-elected in 2004 he wanted us to try to fix Social Security,” said Mc Connell.“I spent a year trying to get any Democrat in the Senate—even those most reasonable Democrat of all, Joe Lieberman—to help us.”The Bush plan, unveiled in his 2005 State of the Union speech, would have allowed workers under 55 to divert half of their payroll taxes away from Social Security and into a private retirement account.This would have created an even larger shortfall in the Social Security Trust Fund and further hobbled the insurance program—something many people suspected was a feature, not a bug, for Bush and the conservative think tanks pushing his plan.


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