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Solid soul mates dating

And this is your choice, your accountability alone.

It doesn't necessarily mean you suddenly shut down your karmic tendencies overnight simply because you snapped your fingers. But your choice is all that takes to begin your healing. Maybe it’s your genuine inner commitment all it takes for your Soul Mate to appear.

You can’t handle a Soul-level connection if you’re operating at ego-level.

Much like when you throw a brick into a swimming pool and the water gives way to accommodate the solid object, the energy that manifests around you, in your life, is the lowest vibration that you conceive and tolerate for yourself.

If you want to be “high”, and you force it on yourself through drugs on an habitual basis for example, it becomes a shortcut that fries your biological circuitry. But at the same time, if it makes you see something that’s not entirely true, if it leaves you less grounded, then it must be put into perspective.

When you’re “in love” and you feel someone is absolutely perfect and flawless, you must practice the realization that such perception is false. Regardless of the manner by which you meet and link up with your Soul Mate, what you can have is a relationship when you’re always blissful. The relationship with a Soul Mate is a transcendental experience - rather than a chemical release.

Closely related with #2, you must be willing to carry your emotional weight, taking control of your own neediness.

You’re floating in the clouds, you see the world through pink glasses, everything is perfect, everyone is good. It’s both a release of chemicals— the biological part — and it’s also experiencing the Love of Spirit, while still incarnated.

If you always end up hurt, your Soul Mate won’t hurt you.

If you always end up in disagreement, your Soul Mate will align with you. First, you must realize you’re in a relationship with a person that’s not made of metal, but a soft, sensitive, sometimes frail human being, like you.

It’s what you feel in the Light realms when you’re permeated by the Love from Source. But to pursue relationships seeking the “being in love” state, the “high”, is the act of an addict seeking the next fix - rather than the choice of a balanced individual with healthy emotions. Blissful states are always transient, and must be a natural spontaneous experiences derived from meaningful moments in life. If you carry the expectation that Love is the “high” part, once it wears off and you’re left with a regular person, you’ll unconsciously be left disappointed. They might love the person they’re with, but they miss the excitement of the “high” when someone new is met, and want to repeat it.

This is why people become addicted to drugs that alter their consciousness to make them feel more optimistic, take things lightly, bypass obligations and seriousness. It’s also why the idea of “being in love” is so magical, so alluring. In a biological sense, the physical body can’t handle being “high” all the time, from romantic experiences or otherwise. They are not supposed to be controlled or have expectations upon. A person may be perfect but no one is truly without shortcomings, challenges, quirks. The feeling of being in love might be a reflection of Spirit Love.


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