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Skier dating

Specific items discovered include the remains of worked wooden objects -wooden skis and sled runners- .

-3000 BC: Rock paintings in Russia and Scandinavia confirm a history of skiing by the people of that time.

Modern carbon and steel tools made it possible to shape the extremely tough and hard hickory.

This made it possible to produce even thinner, lighter skis with better flex.

The thinner, lighter cambered ski floated more easily over soft snow and flexed much better, dramatically improving shock absorption and easy of turning.

-1841: First documented use of recreational skis in USA, in Beloit, Wisconsin.

-1861: Alpine ski racing as an organized sport begins in America and Norway.

-1880s: The first hickory skis were produced in Norway.

-1689: Accounts of skiing begin to show up in published works, including Austrian Valasavor's Die Ehre des Herzogtumes Krain.

He writes about skiers near the Adriatic using short skis to turn on steep slopes.

-1716: Great Northern War between the Russians, Swedish and Norwegians was fought primarily on skis.

Goggia made a mistake on the upper part of the polished 2.8km-long Jeongseon course, but produced a magnificent gliding mid-section and strong bottom third.

It reaffirmed the fine form she has shown on the World Cup circuit this season, with two victories and two second places in the downhill, and also second and third placings in the super-G.


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  2. Is this a dating holiday? No. The Ski Gathering does not offer "dating ski holidays" or "ski holidays for singles", as such. Instead, we tend to think of our ski trips as shared chalet holidays for individual skiers and sociable solo travellers.

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