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Shane west dating parminder

This movie doesn’t have an original plot, but it is good because of the 2 leads give wonderful performances.

Mandy Moore is especially good as the straight-laced preacher’s daughter. It’s sad, but we get to witness a sort-of “miracle” as the film puts it of how a wayward teen turns his life around.

On their first date, Landon helps Jamie to fulfill her list of things she wants to achieve in life, such as being in two places at once, and getting a tattoo. Jamie tells Landon about how she experiences belief and how it’s like the wind.

It is then that he tells her he might want to kiss her now.

Four years later, Landon has finished college and been accepted into medical school.They get to know each other and a spark of romance buds between them.On the opening night of the play, Jamie astounds Landon and the entire audience with her beauty and her voice.The Reverend disagrees saying that in fact she did and that her miracle was Landon.He is shown to have completely changed his original opinion of Landon in the beginning of the film, where he completely detested Landon and did not hide it.Afterwards, Jamie avoids Landon until Landon’s friends play a cruel prank on Jamie and he protects her in opposition to his friends and she eventually warms up to him again.Landon asks Jamie on a date soon after, but Jamie says her father will not let her date.Onstage at the peak of the ending to the play, Jamie sings.When Jamie finishes, Landon improvises and kisses her, which is not a part of the play.Landon visits Reverend Sullivan to return to him Jamie’s precious book that belonged to her mother.Landon apologizes to the Reverend that Jamie did not witness a miracle (an ambition she expressed in the class yearbook).


  1. Middleman is the 13th episode of. that being a student shouldn't keep him from dating her. Also starring Sherry Stringfield, Laura Innes, Noah Wyle, Shane West.

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