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purposes, you will need to provide information about your legal parent(s) on the application. If you lived the same amount of time with each divorced or separated parent, give answers about the parent who provided more financial support during the past 12 months or during the most recent 12 months that you actually received support from a parent.A legal parent is your biological or adoptive parent, or your legal parent as determined by the state (for example, if the parent is listed on your birth certificate). Divorced or Separated Parents Who Do Not Live Together Divorced or Separated Parents Who Live Together What if I have a stepparent? If your divorced parents live together, you’ll indicate their marital status as “Unmarried and both legal parents living together,” and you will answer questions about both of them on the FAFSA form.The site then allows you to submit your application without entering data about your parents.However, it is important for you to understand the following: You can’t be considered independent of your parents just because they refuse to help you with the FAFSA form.

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Some state- or school-based aid programs look at the EFC in order to determine your eligibility for their funds; because you won’t have an EFC, you won’t be considered for those aid programs.

You could be giving up a chance at many sources of aid.

Top If you have a stepparent who is married to the legal parent whose information you’re reporting, you must provide information about that stepparent as well.

EXCEPTION: The FAFSA form asks about your parents’ education level.


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