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Lakota sources informed him of Sioux belief that Mille Lacs was the center of the world, and the pine forest woodlands extending north from it were strongly associated with the sacred concepts of a land of the pines and the direction north.

Walker states that the Mdewakantons were considered the original and oldest Sioux band.'' The Wahpekute and Wahpeton names are also closely associated with their historic woodlands roots.

He stated that the Sioux people identified themselves as the oceti sakowi [oceti means fire; sakowi means seven), the nation of seven (council) fires or fireplaces — referring to a governance or council tradition which may have existed among them.

It is significant, however, that there are no historical accounts or references to the seven council fires in any the voluminous writings on the Sioux people since first European contact with the French in the mid-seventeenth century.

Lohmiller's residence {136); Poplar boarding school, girls' dormitory (137); Fort Peck Indian Agency headquar- ters (138); Major Charles B.

These early groups — Dakotas, Dhegihas, and Chiweres — inhabited a region including present-day southern Wisconsin, southeastern Minnesota, northeastern Iowa, and northern Illinois.^ Early European and American accounts were limited in their understandings of early Sioux tribes and organization.

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37 De Mallie and Miller, "Assiniboine," in Handbook of North American Indians, 579-81; Long, The Assiniboines, 40, 46-56; Denig, Five Indian Tribes of the Upper Missouri, 694-95.

Like Assiniboines, the Sioux as a distinct tribal people were first mentioned in 1640 by the French in the Jesuit Relations.

Seventeenth- and early eighteenth-cen- tury writings did not identify individual Sioux tribes, but rather depicted them as two groups: the "Sioux of the East" and the "Sioux of the West." The geographic landmark separating the 25 two was the upper Mississippi River in north- central Minnesota.


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