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Eventually, Miya was able to escape early morning from the couple’s motel room.

She had no idea that she was in Union City, California when she approached a truck driver and asked him where she was.

It was when they took pictures of her with a cheap disposable camera Miya started questioning their authenticity.

Despite the red flags, Miya agreed to go with them to California under the pretense that they would provide her with an actual photoshoot with real equipment.

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At 34, she's still starring on MTV's Teen Wolf but is also taking on more mature rolls like in her latest Lifetime movie, House of Secrets.Debbie went out in the driveway to chat with Bianca.When Bianca said that she and the men were leaving, Debbie went to give her a hug and Bianca pushed her into the car.We chatted with Bianca about her current products and grilled her about her secret to that famously youthful beauty.When people think of women being sold into sexual slavery, they don't picture it happening in their own backyard.But sex slavery in the US is a very real threat for many women in the US.According to FBI estimates, over 100,000 children and young women are sold into the American sex trade every year.Her mother started to pimp her out to her “uncles” when she was five-years-old.It started with them paying the mother to let Snow sit on their laps, but quickly evolved into much more heinous things.This is a terrible case of a mother and step-father selling their own children into slavery.“Snow White” (this is how her mother described her in the online chatrooms she used to pimp her out) grew up in a broken home.


  1. Jan 16, 2017. Unfortunately for Jamie, Bianca and the viewers still remembers what he said about fellow housemate Jasmine Waltz at the very start of the show. Jamie said he wanted sex with Jasmine Image Channel 5. Jamie had his eye on Jasmine on day one Image Channel 5. During a chat with the All Star.

  2. Sep 21, 2016. The Huffington Post caught up with Bianca this week to chat about the release for the film, blending politics and comedy and what she wants people to. It's wonderful that same-sex couples can legally get married in all 50 states now, but employers in 29 of those states can legally fire someone simply for.

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