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Because everybody knows that sex is being dissected right there on the center of the floor! If you're ready to do whatever it takes, jump in and Hashem will be with you!

It just can't be snuck by, cuz everyone's radar is on high gain.

But since the religious world is so segregated, men have much less access to women, and they are often too ashamed to start-up with women in the street.

Here we are, as frum as you could be - and masturbating to nudes on line anyhow. And the assumption that there is a kal vachomer that men will act out with women if they are there, is kinda neanderthal, really.For people who are acting-out live (with real people), then SA is indeed the suggested course of action.But for those who are struggling with porn and masturbation, it is not always the way to go.Everyone in the room knows they can't be trusted to be alone with female sexaholics, of all people. Yes, there are gonna be some non-sober guys who are still ill in the meetings..the women who go there need to be aware of that, unless they are completely nuts.Also, women could come there for sex - true..that actually happens far more frequently in AA meetings than it does in SA meetings.I know that normal people (and especially frum normals who want to look even more 'normal' than normal) assume the opposite is true.Any normal Rov who knows nothing about addiction at all will naturally assume the party line.1) In the non-Jewish world, men spend their day sorrounded by women, at work, at school and in public settings.If they want to fall, they will do it outside of SA and wouldn't come to SA to hook-up (although they may fall there too).GYE has gotten calls on the hotline more than a few times from guys who were desperately triggered after an SA woman had come to their meeting.In once case that GYE was involved in, a single woman who was in SA for a while got sucked in to an affair with a married guy, which took her months to break off of and almost ended up destroying both of their lives.


  1. Nov 19, 2017. Greens MP Tammy Franks condemns SA Parliament's toxic culture, after a sex industry tweet featuring Christmas decorations inspired by female genitalia was forwarded to her by Speaker Michael Atkinson.

  2. Definitions of SA. Definition of SA in Slang/Internet Slang. What does SA stand for?

  3. Aug 26, 2015. Texting + sex = sexting. The word 'sexting' is a combination of 'texting' and 'sex', so it's not hard to understand what it is. Sexting can include explicit language and/or images like nude photos, and it often starts out as a casual chat before escalating into a more suggestive conversation.

  4. Although many groups have frum Jews, the groups are also made up of non-Jews and even sometimes members of the opposite sex. The sharing that happens in the groups can sometimes open up new ideas in an addict's mind. Also, anonymity is a big inhibitor for people coming from the insular religious communities.

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