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The Trust has officially launched Chat Health – a confidential text messaging service that enables children and young people (aged 11-19) in Dorset to send questions via SMS to their School Nursing Team.They will then receive a reply that includes signposting to additional services. To receive the latest updates on artist activities, please visit our Key Events Page.So Bring Me the Horizon, a very mediocre band that a lot of you seem to love for reasons that are beyond me, played in Salt Lake City last night — home of Mormonism and, thus, sodomy — and some of the folks in the crowd started heckling the group and throwing shit at them.Drug addiction can affect anyone, and without bias it destroys the lives of those it touches in the most intense and intimate ways.The things we love, the people we cared about and the passions we have are sometimes the catalyst for the transformation we need… Getting help and getting treatment isn’t impossible, and in that we can find new meaning and new freedom in recovery.It may not be as popular for the thrash and hardcore crowd, but it speaks volumes to some of us who have been weighed down by an addiction and come out the other side with a new perspective.

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Speaking Addiction with Oliver ‘Oli’ Sykes In the band’s album notes, all of Bring Me the Horizon’s lyrics are credited to being written by Oliver Sykes, while all five members as a band wrote the music, so when we look at the lyrics it’s no surprise they translate a lot to the heart of an addict trying to rebuild. But now he sees his battle with addiction and his journey thus far in recovery as a blessing in disguise because without it the band would not be able to make the music they are making now.

Back in July Oli Sykes was onstage to accept the award for Best Album at the AP Music Awards for Bring Me the Horizon’s , I was a f—— drug addict. While the music is drastically different with this new softer voice style Sykes is using, the message behind it seems to be one of great weight and dedication to an intimate internal growth from the distress and hopelessness of active addiction.

I mean, there are much wittier, safer ways to show one’s disapproval for the band; one year at Ozzfest, for example, I saw an entire crowd turn their back to Wicked Wisdom during that group’s set, which a) effectively sent the message “we think you are terrible,” and b) was fucking hilarious.

So I’m glad to report that Sykes was apparently unharmed, and the band returned to the stage thirty minutes later to finish their set for the people in the crowd who did appreciate their performance. Turn your back to the band, flip them the bird, start a snarky blog where you call people mean names…


  1. We want to make sure you can rock our with your favorite band, that is why we are making sure you can find the best Bring Me The Horizon merchandise from Spencer Gifts. Show your support for Oliver Sykes, Lee Malia, Matt Ken, Matt Nicholls, and Jordan Fish with a Bring Me The Horizon shirt featuring the band and their.

  2. Oct 4, 2011. So Bring Me the Horizon, a very mediocre band that a lot of you seem to love for reasons that are beyond me, played in Salt Lake City last night. SLC Punk as a lad. i believe you. Dave Hiller • 6 years ago. Sex and violence! Nahrhead • 6 years ago. And the comments arguing for the attackers sake start.

  3. Sep 28, 2008. Bring Me The Horizon was once a band that the metal community scoffed and laughed at. They were too scene. All the deathcore and Bring Me The Horizon haters should at least give them one last shot with this album. B. The lead singer pissing on some girl because she wouldnt have sex with him.

  4. Oct 1, 2015. Author Justin Mckibben. Music has power, to some of us it is the heartbeat and life-blood of our lives. Music is the diverse and intrinsic translation of the world we love into a variety of voices and tempos that decorate, elaborate and celebrate everything that we are as people, and there is something very.

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