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In societies where women and girls are undervalued or not valued at all, women are at greater risk for being abused, trafficked, and coerced into sex slavery.If women experienced improved economic and social status, trafficking would in large part be eradicated. Not all slaves are trafficked, but all trafficking victims are victims of slavery. prostitution or other forms of sexual exploitation.Sex traffickers may also operate out of a variety of public and private locations, such as massage parlors, spas and strip clubs.

Victims are told they are in the destination country illegally, which increases victims' dependence on their traffickers.Sex trafficking—along with its correlative elements, kidnapping, rape, prostitution and physical abuse—is illegal in nearly every country in the world.However, widespread corruption and greed make it possible for sex trafficking to quickly and easily proliferate.Human trafficking migration patterns tend to flow from East to West, but women may be trafficked from any country to another country at any given time and trafficking victims exist everywhere.Many of the poorest and most unstable countries have the highest incidences of human trafficking, and extreme poverty is a common bond among trafficking victims.Back to top Women and girls are ensnared in sex trafficking in a variety of ways.Some are lured with offers of legitimate and legal work as shop assistants or waitresses.Victims are often kept in captivity and also trapped into debt bondage, whereby they are obliged to pay back large recruitment and transportation fees before being released from their traffickers.Many victims report being charged additional fines or fees while under bondage, requiring them to work longer to pay off their debts.For example, a woman from the Ukraine may be sold to a human trafficker in Turkey, who then passes her on to a trafficker in Thailand.Along the way she becomes confused and disoriented.


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