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But then we saw these damning photos of the two at an NBA playoff game in Houston last night, and we were like—oh. The witness says they saw Jenner kissing Scott’s neck.The pair looked mighty cozy courtside, we must say. “They were super hand-holdy and it seemed like she wanted people to see them together. Not everyone is on board with Scott Disick and Sofia Richie dating. ) But according to Sofia, there's a key way in which their 15-year age gap doesn't make a difference.

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Olympic ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir have been garnering headlines for their steamy, sexually charged performances, and for good reason: their chemistry is electric, and their moves could set the ice on fire. But that isn't exactly stopping fans from shipping them anyway.

Moir eventually called her eight months into the budding "romance" and ended it, he told the Globe and Mail.

The two have been skating together for two decades.

Their partnership has produced two gold medals and two silver medals in three Winter Olympics, as well as three World Championships.

Of course you do, because they just broke up five minutes ago for the 15th time, and before that they were pretty much inseparable.


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