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Russian guys dating

Tall and thin girls are the norm in Eastern European countries.“For me though, women in Russia are the whole package.LEARN A FEW NATIVE PHRASES: Learn a few phrases in Russian or your chosen Eastern European language.

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Eastern European women don’t like that wishy-washy male who claims to like Sex and the City too and lets their girlfriend walk all over them.The dating professional claims British women have become entitled and overweight.He firmly advises his English male clients to avoid home-grown ladies and go for Eastern European girls – who are more feminine, well-mannered and prettier, in his opinion.Katia is deliberately unemployed and the couple hope to have children in the next year.Richard, who married Katia, 26, in December last year in Mauritus, said: “In my professional and personal opinion, I would recommend that my male clients not date British women.TRY THE LOCAL TINDER: Go to Russia or Eastern Europe for a few weeks and try the local Tinder or speed dating events out.Get the feel for the dating scene and make friends with local guys there – Eastern Europeans are often really approachable and will introduce you to their female mates.But now I’m married, I’m happy to spread the message.” Richard says that Brexit could be dire for the love lives of British blokes – and believes that English women should change to be more like their Russian counterparts.Richard explains: “I’m always disappointed when it’s tough for my beautiful Russian female friends to come to England because of visas and so forth.When you see a beautiful Russian woman at the bar, be direct and go straight up to them.Tell her she’s beautiful and that you want to take her for dinner or a drink.


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