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Php script for updating tvshow files version 3

Once you have settled on a naming convention you are going to have rename all your files. Assuming this is your first use of the tool: Open Ep Namer and click settings at the bottom left.Put your files into the folder structure you chose and check to see if the show you working on is on the TVDB. Sub-directory recursion should be set to "" In auto naming all you have to worry about that your files show seperation between season number and episode number, Ep Namer will do the rest, you could simply have the file named 01x01 and it will recognize the right show. Thats why I created my own script and needed the 32bit version of java.(Been working 3 days on it). ) In my case the usual script didn't work with the u Torrent %D string and so on.The file names need to have a specific structure or no tool or HTPC platform will be able to read your media.Your files names is going to need to fit this standard: TV SHOW NAME - SEASON NUMBER |EPISODE NUMBER - EPISODE TITLEExample: Red Dwarf - 01x01 - The Endor Red Dwarf - s01e01 - The Endor Red Dwarf - 01e01 - The End Either will work as long you show seperation between the key components that the software needs to read (Show name, Episode number, etc.) I recomend picking one style and sticking with it.

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NOTE: If you feel that there is something that could change on TVDB then please post your questions for the mods/admins on the forum to be answered.What you will need: Patience, time and these tools: Notepad - | Programmer's Notepad - | NFOPad - are going to need a text editor and these are ones I use on Windows. Ep Namer - in case you have a lot of files to rename for a show that resides on TVDB.Bulk Rename Utility - is the fallback tool when you have to do manual editing of a lot of files.Eden 11.0: The script can now be downloaded from the official repo XBMC-repo (pre-Eden) This script requires an xbmc nightly build of September 21st or later Skins using this Add-On in XBMC Eden 11.0: - See skin features wiki or skin support threads ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To run the script in bulk mode simply click on it in the 'Addons' or 'Programs' menu in XBMC. You can change the settings if you wish in the addon settings page. Verbose logging makes things much more difficult in the majority of cases.Forum rules This section of the forum is for our users to share their custom NFO files for alternate show orderings and "series" which do not belong directly in our database.So I'm going to share in this tutorial how to deal with your media manually when you need to make the files work for you.Now I realize that for some people who like automation this is not going to be ideal but I'm going to be frankly honest, you will not have certain luxuries with some shows.Note: If you are like me and want to use Series for Season with British shows feel free.File Names This is the one area you can not play games with.


  1. TVShow_Folder Mine is called C. Thats why I created my own script and needed the 32bit version of java. \Media\Downloads\Script\Files\c.

  2. This section of the forum is for our users to share their custom NFO files for. but if it is not let me know and I'll see about updating. ?xml version="1.

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  4. Script.artwork.downloader - This script will automatically. fix that some files where.

  5. But since switching to nightly OpenELEC builds this has stopped working. Now I know the script for SickBeard updates my library just fine so I thought I could.

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