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Peruvian photo dating

At the moment, these are the few known examples of possible Norte Chico art.

In addition, if these figures represent a divine being, it would also indicate that the civilization had some kind of religious belief system.

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This civilization flourished in Peru about 5000 years ago, and hence has been considered to be the oldest known civilization to have existed in the Americas.The Norte Chico Civilization is notable today for its monumental constructions, including massive ceremonial pyramids and complex irrigation systems.This ancient civilization lasted until around 1800 BC, after which the settlements were abandoned.I was fascinated to learn that genetic modification was practiced in Caral to produce three distinct colors of cotton, and to learn that cotton nets were used to hold stones in the base of the pyramids to stabilize the base during earthquakes. Most likely cooking was possible with the use of large leaves to wrap the meat or vegetables as is done with some native Mesoamerican and polynesian recipes.Because there is no evidence in Caral of fortresses much less of warfare, I’ve wondered if perhaps a virus such as Ebola could have been brought back to Caral from the jungle, thus causing its decline, and the migration of survivors to other regions given that centuries of trade had established “friendly relations”. The items are cooked with hot stones baked in a fire pit.Based on radiocarbon dating, it has been suggested that the formative period of the Norte Chico Civilization was sometime during the 4th millennium BC.The civilization’s greatest period of expansion, however, belongs to the 3rd millennium BC.The dating of the Norte Chico Civilization shows that these inland sites were developing around the same time as their coastal neighbors.This is important, as it challenges the conventional view that all early civilizations in Peru and the rest of South America began by the sea as coastal settlements.Therefore, some prefer to use the term ‘complex society’ rather than ‘civilization’ when referring to the Norte Chico.Another interesting aspect about the Norte Chico Civilization is that there is no evidence to indicate that they were in possession of pottery technology.


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