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Narto dating game

Shisui is one of the few known ninjas capable of using one the most powerful of genjutsu: Koto Amatsukami.Mecha Naruto is a mechanized replica of Uzumaki Naruto; it is a mindless savage, attacking everything in its path.Even before becoming the Hokage, Hashirama proved his power and ability with his unmatched Wood Release jutsus. For those who don't remember, earlier this year the mods held a contest in the forums, and the winner of which was eligible to work with us to enter a temporary event character into the game.The once leader of the Uchiha clan during the founding of Konoha who unfortunately disagreed with Konoha's kage on how to achieve peace. The contest was the 1st Season of the Naruto-Boards Official Character Contest, and Sahedy won it.

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Balances_____________________________________________________________________________________________Hey guys, so it's been a bit too long. Let me start by saying August was a busy month for us outside the game, but we didn't want to let it go without an update. We made two minor changes to the character, but they are still Sahedy's own.There was nothing she would reveal so the Third Hokage asked to use a more humane approach.Inoichi Yamanaka read into her brain and found no memories of her village except one; a memory of meeting a young Kakashi when she was just a lost child looking for her village.She was trained from an early age in the art of espionage.One day, she was found crying in a place near her village by the young Kakashi, who spotted her and carried her on his back.As a machine, he can manipulate his body in a variety of manners, even assuming a three-tailed form of its own.Created by: Sahedy is a fansite based on the Naruto Anime and Manga series.It was proposed that Riichi is to be exchanged for Hanare.This exchange, however, took a turn when Kakashi refused to give her up.Kakashi taught Hanare to look up at the clouds for guidance whenever she felt sad and lonely, this memory she cherished.Inoichi asked Kakashi to spend a day with her and to use his Sharingan to get further into her psyche.


  1. So there's the reason. Five boys, since my imagination ran out for description at the end. Sorry. But I WILL be nice enough in telling you that the quiz includes; Rock Lee, Neji Hyuuga, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha and Kiba Inuzuka. This is an RPG, or Role Playing Game, so you will take on the role of a kunoichi female.

  2. Naruto Dating Sim Take on the role of Sakura and try to win the favor of young Genins. Train, carry out the mission, talk to your friends and ta.

  3. Play Naruto Online Dating Game Simulator - free online 3d unity and flash game. One of the most popular online games available, it can be played for free, here.

  4. Play more than 11500 free flash games, online games, dress up games and much more, we add new free games every day! Naruto Dating Sim 2 - Naruto Dating Sim 2 Flash Games Online.

  5. Hello everyone and welcome to the Naruto Dating Game! $1This will see who you end up with if you were in the Naruto world! $1Good luck! Take this quiz! Ok here it goes what your fav animal? What do you like to do on a boring day? Ok Rp time! You are waling in the streets of Konoha when you a little girl crying. What do.

  6. May 14, 2005. As Sakura, date Naruto, Rock Lee, or Sasuke. Note contains hentai scenes.

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