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The President said, “Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, in pursuit of productivity and excellence, we have appointed competent and capable men and women to positions of high authority and strategic responsibility in all fields of national endeavour.“In our dogged determination to develop our country, the Igbo are well represented and in some of these appointments, the Igbo are having them for the first time.“Some have said that this government has done more in appointments than any other in our history for the Igbo, but that is a matter for the pundits and historians.

I thought appointment into 'key' positions is based on competence and capability. And in 2015 the Igbos that makes up 99% Nigeria population will return you to power. Playing tribal and religious politics that disgusts me and is unfavorable even to him in the demography of Nigeria. You need to realise that Jonathan will leave power some day and power will shift to the "marginalised" region. That's why I am against tribal politics Apart from the Enugu International Airport,what other projects have been completed?

Somehow, someway, the virus called Ebola Jonathan must pay for slightingour tribe. Onyeamama Igbokwe The Local Government Chairman of my town while visiting boasted that he always paysthe salaries of the workers. We hope what you have done for the ibos will sustain them for centuries.

If I were theibos I will be really scared of the future for the injustice you are perpetrating in otherparts of the country to favor the ibos for it shall end and then what’s next?

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