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To the hundreds of students who lined up outside the funeral home that April evening in 2010, Brian Betts had been a beloved Washington, D. “Pay great attention because I will not say it again,” the kidnappers said in Spanish.

The messages were from O’Neil’s phone - but not from O’Neil.

“If you’re continuing to be hopeful, don’t,” the expert said after Donnie told him the kidnappers had gone quiet.

“I’ll tell you right now that your brother is dead.” Donnie’s phone rang just hours after he’d left Mazatlan.

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O’Neil had been a popular figure in Mazatlan, donating money to local causes and hosting events at his cafe, so his disappearance was major local news. 31, Donnie’s fourth day in town, he and Jorge went to meet the mayor.

The same day, Donnie met with the prosecutor handling O’Neil’s disappearance. He then showed Donnie a diagram of communications between the suspected kidnappers. The next day Mazatlan was packed with people celebrating the Day of the Dead.

To take his mind off his brother’s disappearance, Donnie walked among the thousands of partygoers with their faces painted like skulls before ducking into a restaurant to call a kidnapping expert.

Math and reading proficiency rates on the school's 2009 DC-CAS assessments, already low, declined again.” But then it goes on to quote Rhee saying just yesterday that back in ’09 when the Shaw scores came in, Rhee, impressed with cultural changes in the school, told Betts, "We'll take care of the academics later." She may have said that to him then, but this is the first time it’s gone on public record.

In the summer of ‘09, Rhee publicly lied about the scores at Shaw, saying that they stayed “about the same.” She even mentioned non-traceable statistics showing an increase, when in fact the show that Shaw’s scores decreased.


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