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Morocco girls chat sex

Not in this generation anyway Sorry guys to inform you that this post has more than its share of comments, therefore I stopped the capability of commenting.

Written by Salma Takky In Morocco, likewise around the Islamic world, people are defined in connection to ‘the other’, traditions and norms.

She did not realize how much effect she had on me as she told me how she became a teenage mother almost overnight.

I cannot forget the flowing of tears she wore whenever she proceeded with the story.

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I was delighted to meet so many powerful, great and resistant women who are brave enough to put up with the discriminative behavior codes that stretches our society to the limits.Don’t misunderstand my point, I’m not prejudice against any nationality, but from the stories I hear (some from my friends) that girls from that nationality have a special appeal.And from what I’ve seen, they don’t seem to be any different from other Arabian women, so what is the secret? Now don’t tell me because they are more available while other girls are not, we all know that this is not true.For example, men hold the absolute power to repeatedly violate and beat women, since the they feel the practice provides an educational purpose.It is just striking (excuse the pun) to see the way violence agains and oppression of women is discussed within mainstream culture.Tragically, another mother, Fadwa El Aroui, 21, single mother of two children, committed suicide in Casablanca, and the infamous case of Amina El Filali, a 16-year-old girl from North Morocco, also committed suicide by drinking rat passion, putting an end to their intolerable lives.Undoubtedly, Fadoua and Amina’s cases provide a clear picture of the torture Halima and other single mothers undergo in a society that turns a blind eye on the intellectual abilities of women.These women receive horrifying treatment on a daily basis, because Islam strictly forbids any sexual intercourse out of marriage.In this regard, it is important to note that sex is verboten for both boys and girls.This cultural association between virginity and honor constitutes an oppressive ideology which permeates the discourse of rape trials and generates a number of confusions that are detrimental to the victims of rape.Moreover, the fact that sex outside marriage is forbidden by Islam, generates a number of negative assumptions about the rape victim’s social image and virtue, and tends to categorize them according to a number of female stigmatized stereotypes.


  1. Jul 14, 2017. My travel through Italy and Morocco mark my 9 months of traveling on the road. Read my 9. I loved having locals to chat with on our way to Florence. BlaBla Car is such. We started our trip to Rabat and John luckily met a Moroccan girl on the plane who later offered to drive us to her hostel with her friend.

  2. Single Mothers in Morocco. Written by Salma Takky. In Morocco, likewise around the Islamic world, people are defined in connection to 'the other', traditions and norms. However, the situation sounds much worse when bringing women's issues to the forefront as long as women are unaccepted to be seen outside the sex.

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