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Bosses hope to encourage leaders to treat women and minorities with respect and dignity. 'We're building leaders not politically-correct droids.' 'We should be spending more time on tactics than worrying about the niceties of modern language,' said another soldier to The Sun.

The head of the Defense Health Agency, Vice Admiral Raquel Bono, reportedly approved the waiver request for the surgery on Monday, the day before the surgery.

"Now it’s three years and we haven’t seen the type of progress that he asked for.’’If Obama can't be persuaded, Gillibrand said, the November presidential election will decide the issue.“Hillary (Clinton) has already said she supports this reform and so, when she wins the presidency, we will be able to pass this reform because if the commander in chief decides it’s done, it’s done,'' she said.

“My goal is to have this as one of the first reforms she puts forth as commander in chief.''’Gillibrand came closest to succeeding in 2014, when her measure got 55 votes, five short of the 60 she needed to break a filibuster. Gillibrand had hoped senators would be swayed by an April report by the advocacy group Protect Our Defenders that found the Pentagon’s top brass misled Congress in July 2013 testimony defending the current system for handling sexual assault cases in the military.

Grassley said the report shows the 2013 reforms did not go far enough.“Forty-two percent of service member survivors who reported retaliation were encouraged to drop the issue by their supervisor, or someone else in their chain of command,’’ Grassely said.

“A majority of service member survivors indicated that they were not satisfied with the official actions taken against the alleged perpetrator.


  1. Dec 26, 2017. The new guidelines have been found pinned to the walls of toilets at the Defence Academy at Shrivenham which trains the Army, Navy and RAF.

  2. Jun 14, 2016. The Senate approved a defense bill Tuesday after skipping a vote on Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's proposal on military sexual assault cases.

  3. In addition to child pornography, these cases also include offenses related to the internet, such as solicitation of a minor, which typically results from an “internet sting” operation by law enforcement involving an illicit “chat room” exchange with a minor. A conviction for these offenses can include the loss of your military career.

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  5. Sep 7, 2017. WASHINGTON AP — Sexual assault in the U. S. armed forces remains pervasive despite the military's attempts to eradicate sex crimes from the ranks, according to a new report by a Senate Democrat who has been critical of the Pentagon's efforts. In the report released Thursday, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of.

  6. Nov 18, 2017. This afternoon, an active-duty military member received a sex-reassignment surgery. Military hospitals do not have the surgical expertise to perform this type of surgery, therefore it was conducted in a private hospital. Because this service member had already begun a sex-reassignment course of treatment.

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