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Your time is valuable and you should spend it with someone who is fully in!DEJABREW: Slowly remembering things that you did while drunk.If it doesn’t seem to be improving (and you want to get married) this would be a red flag.FINIFUGAL: Someone who hates endings or tries to prolong the final relationship.WHAT MAY NOT BODE WELL WHILE DATING: (You may be on the wrong track here. -HIBERDATING: Ignoring your friends for a new boyfriend. I tell singles to date someone once or twice a week at first, even if they really like him.Often what happens is couples become really intense and start spending every moment together.So consider texting as a means to this end and try to see who that person is in real time. Tip: Most early dates begin with small talk but the way to detect your soul mate is to go deeper and to learn what lights the other person up, their values and dreams.

So, today we will be expanding our dating vocabulary together.

Tip: Many people text these days when they are first dating but I’m always surprised at how many singles develop an ongoing intimate virtual relationship without even meeting in person.

Dating means meeting in person and hopefully gradually joining your lives—live!

Besides, if it’s the right person you will have your whole lives together.

TEXTROVERT: Someone who feels more comfortable talking over text than in person.


  1. For a generation raised on an exploding matrix of communication modules, twentysomethings often leave themselves in the dark when it comes to deciphering the syntax of dating definitions.

  2. The Lexicon of Dating. If a man signs off a message to his woman saying "AML", she is likely to respond with "H&Ks".

  3. How do we radically update our societal lexicon around dating and relationships now that pandora’s box has been opened and nontraditional relationship paradigms are becoming more and more.

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  5. Dating and relationships are two topics that people want to talk about all the time. There are few things more interesting than your best friend's new boyfriend or girlfriend!

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