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To say his teachings are heretical would be an understatement — While claiming to be “under the anointing,” Hinn has uttered some of the most “off-the-wall” statements imaginable — including the claim that the Holy Spirit revealed to him that women were originally designed to give birth out of their sides.Despite his outrageous antics, Hinn has somehow managed to gain wide acceptance and visibility within the evangelical Christian church.On one occasion, Hagin claims he was in the middle of a sermon when, suddenly, he was transported back in time.He ended up in the back seat of a car and watched as a young woman from his church committed adultery with the driver.Its emphases on faith, the authority of the believer, and the absolute veracity of Scripture could appear to be just what today’s church needs.And yet, I am convinced that this movement poses one of the greatest contemporary threats to orthodox Christianity from within.

Kenneth Hagin, to whom we next turn our attention, plagiarized much of Kenyon’s work, including the statement, “Every man who has been ‘born again’ is an Incarnation, and Christianity is a miracle. Its leaders include many of the most popular television evangelists.Its adherents compose a large percentage of charismatic evangelical Christians.Although proponents of Faith theology have attempted to sanitize the metaphysical concept of the “power of mind” by substituting in its stead the “force of faith,” for all practical purposes they have made a distinction without a difference.New Thought writer Warren Felt Evans, for example, wrote that “faith is the most intense form of mental action.” In treating a patient, Evans commented that “the effect of the suggestion [or positive affirmation that the patient is well] is the result of the faith of the subject, for it is always proportioned to the degree in which the patient Likewise, H.A case in point are the thousands of “documented” healings claimed by Hinn.Recently, he sent me three examples — presumably, the cream of the crop — as proof of his miracle-working power.Some of the for example, both Kenneth Copeland and Kenneth Hagin point to T. Osborn and William Branham as true men of God who greatly influenced their lives and ministries. In fact, Tilton and Hickey have managed to exceed even their predecessors’ outrageous ploys.Of course, Osborn himself has consistently followed E. Kenyon’s ( Faith teachers such as Robert Tilton and his female counterpart, Marilyn Hickey, have copied many of the scams pioneered by Pentecostal preachers such as Oral Roberts and A. This is hard to believe when one considers what sort of schemes they had to outdo.Roberts, the reader may recall, is the man who claimed that Jesus appeared and told him God had chosen him to find the cure for cancer.In a lengthy appeal, Roberts avowed that the Lord told him, “I would not have had you and your partners build the 20-story research tower unless I was going to give you a plan that will attack cancer.” Roberts then said that Jesus instructed him to tell his partners that “this is not Oral Roberts asking for the money but their Lord.” As we proceed to examine the primary purveyors of Faith theology, we will see living proof of the maxim that “error begets error and heresy begets heresy.” If, for example, one examines the cultic progression of E. Kenyon’s theology, one will discover that his original deviations from orthodox Christianity were minor compared to those that characterized the later stages of his ministry.


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