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Surprisingly 26 per cent of those questioned said they had an interest in or had taken part in frotteurism – where sexual pleasure is derived from rubbing the groin against another person without permission.In many parts of the world, frotteurism has become a major problem on packed commuter trains (stock picture) Inside the most eye-wateringly luxurious hotel rooms on EARTH: Stunning suites with bullet-proof windows, heated toilet seats and free clothes could be yours for the night...A fifth of those questioned in the study said they enjoyed fetishism, where people derive sexual pleasure from non-living objects or by focusing non-genital body parts like feet (pictured) ranked among their desires or experiences.

Atlanta native Tayari Jones, the author of this month's An American Marriage, is on a mission to celebrate literature of the new South.

New author Brianna Wolfson told Goodreads about using her life (and her parents' star-crossed relationship) as inspiration for her first book, Rosie Colored Glasses.

"At first, it was really challenging to tease apart the real from the fiction," she says. Nicola Yoon, the author of The Sun Is Also a Star and Everything, Everything, shares an excerpt about young love from the new anthology, Meet Cute, which also features short stories from Jennifer L.

Testate amoebae have been used widely as a proxy of hydrological change in ombrotrophic peatlands, although their response to abiotic controls in other types of mire and fenland palaeo-environments is less well understood.

This paper examines the response of testate amoebae to hydroseral and other environmental changes at Mer Bleue Bog, Ontario, Canada, a large ombrotrophic peatland, which evolved from a brackish-water embayment in the early Holocene.


  1. Zoophilia is a paraphilia involving a sexual fixation on non-human animals. dating from around 1905. the free dictionary.

  2. What men and women fantasize about has more in common than. Business Insider using data from Joyal et al. Registration on or use of this site constitutes.

  3. Are YOU a pervert? Study suggests half of us have an interest in. Christian Joyal. in Malibu amid claims they 'had an affair while he was still dating ex.

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