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The blissful difference in 2001 was that I had Leo’s reassuring sleeping presence beside me and not 20 miles away in some flat in Chelsea.At 4.50am he woke, saying: ‘Happy anniversary, darling.’ And we had two hours’ chat before the sun rose.If Peter didn't write the Gospel of Peter, then who did?Is not the practice of pseudepigraphy—the false attribution of a work by one author to another—an admission that there were many people within Christianity engaging in forgery?I sneakily appropriated all the wedding present cheques to pay off my seemingly massive £32 overdraft.After five days’ honeymoon in Norfolk, we returned to Leo’s cat, Michael, and a flat in Kensington.For our ruby wedding anniversary, we toyed with the idea of a drinks party at the Garrick Club, then decided to go for broke with lunch in the country, a band, caterers, a marquee and ruby and pink invitations designed by one of Leo’s oldest friends, Timothy Jaques.I kicked off with a list of 200 guests, which Leo shot down in flames.

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In 2001, as in 1961, I utterly failed to lose 10lb on my pre-celebration crash diet, or to sleep a wink on the night before the big day, worrying how ghastly I’d look if I didn’t sleep.

This concordance to the non-biblical texts from Qumran is the first of a projected series of three.

Future volumes will consist of concordances to the biblical texts from Qumran and to the texts from other sites in the Judean Desert.

Ten years later, while I was working at the Ideal Home Exhibition, flogging candelabra, I met him again at a dinner party.

I found him achingly funny, and he had those dark, untamed, gipsy good looks I’ve always thought attractive.


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