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Is matt dating kim

Nevertheless, she has taken a semester off college so that she can investigate schools in Florida with the intention of moving there to be with Matt.

None offered, really; Kim seems ready to overlook a lot of bullshit because she and Matt have bonded over their rough childhoods and she values his advice. Well, she says she spent some time in juvenile hall.

She goes on to say that one of their scheduled meetings was scuttled not by Matt but by Kim -- or, rather, by Norma, because Kim went into labour. "I mean, I've never met him, so I don't know exactly how he is in person." GREAT ANSWER, . Matt turns out to be Matt, and Kim is psyched but still extremely awkward.

Anyway, Kim says that although she was "talking to him" while pregnant, she "didn't get big until the very end," and though the obvious next question is what sorts of photos was she sending him at that time if this is a salient detail, no one asks.Before Joe can answer that, though, Nev jumps in to guess that Joe probably doesn't want Kim to move to Florida with their child, and Joe agrees that he doesn't. I'll give her some benefit of the doubt and guess that this stupid smile is an involuntary reaction to her embarrassment and not an indication that she thinks this gap in her reports to Joe is cute, but that doesn't excuse the fact that this is the kind of decision you KIND OF have to run by your child's co-parent before you start giving it serious consideration. Max recaps (leave it to the professionals), "Just add that to the list: this guy won't send you a picture, doesn't like kids, doesn't want to kids -- this is turning into more and more of a bad idea, Kim." She doesn't disagree -- because she can't -- but stupidly smiles through her stupid silence, like a stupid idiot."But you know that that's what they've been talking about, right? Joe takes Norma from her arms so that Kim can have her big summit with Matt and the crew.She gets herself back up and returns to the computer, and when they tell her what Crystal told them about Matt's maybe-girlfriend, she doesn't look any different than when she was "overwhelmed" with happiness after her first glimpse of Matt.And when they tell her that NICK said he DOESN'T think Matt has a girlfriend, she just shakes her head and hides in her hair again, and is what makes her cry; before long, she's up and out of the room again.She suggests that they talk to Matt's brother Nick, who lived with him, and texts them his phone number. She doesn't just text a phone number, though; she also provides a photo of herself that features Matt's -ass-looking try-hard.But we're not here to talk about Crystal's clichéd goth posturing: this is about Matt, who's been upgraded by our hosts from "normal" and "fine" to "a babe." They're all the more psyched about getting this "emo hair" together with Kim's two dumb lip piercings and immediately call Nick.I'm at least glad that Joe and Kim are no longer together because she clearly doesn't deserve him.Nev, Kim, and Max sit down so that she can tell them the rest of the shit she conveniently skipped the day before.In the five years Kim's been texting Matt and talking to him on the phone -- starting when she was fifteen and he randomly sent her a Facebook message saying she was beautiful -- he's never sent her one photo of himself; however, that doesn't seem to have dampened Kim's ardor because these two sext.Matt and Kim planned two in-person meetings when they both lived in Sacramento, but he bailed on both.


  1. Aug 30, 2011. Matt Johnson met Kim Schifino at Brooklyn's Pratt Institute in 2004. Despite their height difference, the couple began dating, and in 2005 formed the dance punk duo Matt & Kim. They hav.

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