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Prescription drugs of any kind should be placed in a safe location where they are kept locked and out of the hands of guests." The abundance of alcohol and alcohol advertising over the holidays can ramp up consumption for both social drinkers and people who might be struggling with their alcohol consumption.

"Party hosts may serve stronger drinks than are usually consumed, and guests may drink many more beverages while 'under the influence of conviviality and cheer,'" said Carole Nowicke, also a research associate at the IPRC.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The December issue of IU Health & Vitality has a holiday theme, discussing the following topics: Romance and the holidays Small talk skills improve with practice; pay it forward Keep straying eyes and hands out of medicine chests BLOOMINGTON, Ind.

-- For many people, the holidays are a time for family, travel, gifts, food, stress -- and romance (for better or for worse).

"This is unique to humans," Garcia said in a statement.

There is no more rigorous a test of a relationship, especially a new one, than the holidays. "Oh." After one more dinner, she received an e-mail from him wishing her a happy holiday.

We've all starred in our personal "Home Alone" movie, and not always by choice. "I should have known better; he'd never introduced me to his people, and he'd met my family.

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Evolutionary biologist Justin Garcia -- scientific adviser for the international online dating site and faculty member at Indiana University's Kinsey Institute and Department of Gender Studies -- was a principal investigator for Match.com's annual Singles in America study, involving subjects from a nationally representative survey and not drawn from the dating site.


  1. Single men and women looking to for company during the holiday season are experimenting with ?holidating. a temporary boyfriend or girlfriend for a relationship that.

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