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They go into the town, Storybrooke, and are taken to the diner by the sheriff, Graham, where they meet the mayor, Regina.Learning they will be rooming in town until Kurt's car is fixed, Regina becomes bothered by the outsiders' presence.Longing for more meaning in her life, Regina heads to a Boston agency and adopts a child.She names the boy Henry as her father's namesake and brings him home.While she excuses her to speak privately with Graham, Granny, the owner of the town's only bed and breakfast, arranges to have a guest room for them.That night, Regina returns to the diner to speak with Kurt.Emma approaches him and says she is flattered, but is not in town to flirt.

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After Regina is gone, Emma spills hot chocolate on her shirt and goes into the diner's laundry room to wash it and change into another outfit.

Instead, Henry admits he sent it over, and then insists Emma walk him to school, which she does. Whale jokingly remarks to Mary Margaret that he heard she wants fifteen kids.

Shocked, Mary Margaret denies it and states she is only a teacher to fifteen children. Instead, Mary Margaret notices he has been ogling Ruby.

Emma urges Ashley to decide on her own if she wants to change her life, and then do it. Emma's efforts to look for her all lead to dead ends.

Taking the advice literally, Ashley breaks into Mr. She talks to Ruby at the diner and eventually figures out Ruby gave Ashley her car to flee town. Whale shows up and asks if she quit the volunteer position at the hospital because of him.


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