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Genius game plans lame companion rhonda dating cure

While befriending Buffy on her first day, both Willow and Xander have motives to fight.Xander's motive to fight alongside Buffy was the loss of his friend Jesse, who was turned into a vampire by The Master's minions. Willow however was more timid and fiercely scared of monsters.Angel's warning gives Buffy a vital clue and she rescues the virgin male students—including Xander—chosen to fertilize the creature's eggs.Buffy's love life is looking up when she goes on a date with the normal Owen, but when Owen nearly gets killed during Buffy's battle to save Giles and the others from the Master's vampires, she decides that "normal" dating might be too dangerous after all.

She also gets a love interest in the form of , a vampire who has a soul. Together they must prevent , an ancient and especially threatening vampire, from opening the Hellmouth and taking over Sunnydale.

Throughout the season, Cordelia was often at odds with Buffy and her friends but near the end of the season, she becomes aware of the supernatural world around her and helps Buffy.

In the earlier episodes, Buffy and Angel encounter The Master's favorite minion , who was the vampire who sired Angel.

The Scoobies distrust Angel but warm up to him as the season progresses.

Buffy and her friends often clash with , who attempted to befriend Buffy on her first day, but Buffy didn't like the way she treated Willow.


  1. Encyclopedia of the Ancient Greek World. Login. As a flawed genius of tragic. in his chariot whenAlexander and his Companion Cavalry charged into.

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