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However, you can keep it under control by talking to your doctor about maintenance therapy.Others may heal and may never recur, like contact dermatitis in babies (also called diaper rash).Hair and skin respond to care very closely, although take time to show effect.Speak to your dermatologist to find a treatment plan so that the problem doesn’t appear again.

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A lot of treatment options are available depending on the cause of the alopecia.

Treatment also includes immuno-suppression or in severe cases testing for the allergen and correction of the same.

Most cases heal with time and do not require long term therapy or maintenance medication, however a small minority of patients might have developed a immune response to the allergen and will require a daily dose of maintenance.

Your Dermatologist will counsel you about chances of your disease recurring.

Hairfall, hair loss or alopecia, dandruff or flaky scalp, itchy, oily scalp are some of the problems we commonly face when we lose more than 50 strands per day.


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