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Her delicate bladder condition forced her to use the men's stall. So you can imagine her dismay when, upon entering the ladies' toilet, she found it to be out of order.

The three bang and piss and bang and piss til George blows a white hot load all over them and their expensive designer clothing!

They get themselves completely soaked, still dressed in their elegant silk and satin clothing, which totally get destroyed by nature's own delicious champagne, hot bubbly piss. That' right, when you see these slamma bamma babes getting railed and covered in that pissy goodness, as well as emptying their own bladders on some lucky dudes, you'll be 12-stepping all the way to the bathroom... About: Sexy fake-kidnapping victim Denisa is tied up in the backseat as Charlie and Morgan Moore Drive down the road, laughing at the fate to befall their captive.

But they clearly don't mind, as they greedily suck the last drops of piss from his fleshy piss flask, before fucking like bunnies. From the masters of masturbatory piss fetish magic! This week's update starring Roxyn is so chock full of golden showers that once you see it, you'll need to go to a meeting and say "Hi my name's (your name) and I'm addicted... The van pulls into a garage within a secluded villa, and the hostage, in her bright magenta satin business suit and Charlie calls the big boss to await further orders.

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I present to you my exclusive collection of pissing! About: Christina Lee's teaching a lesson on the finer points of wine tasting to an inexplicably half-naked group of guys, when all of a sudden they get bored and start fucking her.


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