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Free hermaphrodite chartroom

CHOEUS The fifth old lady wae Ikaily'Grancy She went there fcause something tickled her fancy Uhen ehe got there, it wae ante in her pantey And nobody knew ehe wae there CHOEUS Tho olx6h old lady wae extremely fertilo Her name wae O'Connor, the boye called her Myrtle She went there to repair a hole in her girdle And nobody know ehe wae there.CHOEUS The seventh old lady wae Agatha Jender She went there to rppair a broken suspender It enapped up and ruined her feminine gender And nobody knew ehe wae there, CHOEUS The Janitor came n the early morning He opened the door In the early morning And seven old ladies their eeate were adorning And nd LITTLE HOUSE ON 3EAC0N STREET Oh, little house on Beacon Street How bright they red light shown-There wae but one cop on the street, And he wae bribery prone.

CHORUS CATS ON TEE ROOFTOP (tune: Jf hn peel) There vero cats on the rooftops, Cats on the tiles, cats vith the sjphilie, Cats vith the piles, Cats with their aesholes vreathed in smiles, Reveling in the joys oi fornication.

Nov the hippotomus, so it seems Hovers, povers, hie vet dreams, But vhen it comes, ^it comes in streams, Reveling in the joys of fornication* Oh, you voke up in the morning vith an upright stand, Its urinary pressure of the prostrate gland, And you haven't got a voman, so you jerk it off by hand, Reveling in the Joys of masturbation.

GOD BLESS FREE ENTERPRISE (Tunme: God J31ess -America) God bless free enterprise, system devine Stand beside her And guide her Just eo long as the profits are fine. CAPITALIST WAR SONG Come all ye Union haters Red and Labor baiters Fight, Fight, Fight for Capital Have the bloody sabre Crush the rights of labor Fight, fight, fight for Capital.

But then the Vice Squad stepped in And closed your familiar doors.

The joys and fears of many men Vent with your well-trained whores.


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