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Find name for speed dating business

We soon found ourselves being approached by television shows and were featured on the X-Factor, Big Brother & Gok Wan.

In 2014 we won the award for the ‘Best Speed Dating Event’ at the UK Dating Awards which was a testament to the hard work we have put in to running the business.

I think online dating is a significant investment of time.

It takes time to create a profile, search for people, initiate the conversation, arrange a date and discover if you like them.

I started running events at my local pub in South West London and initially offered all the tickets for free via online dating websites and friends.

I was quite naïve to the how the events industry worked and actually paid £200 to hire a function room for my first event!

It’s definitely growing, as we’ve doubled our numbers year on year.

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The majority of people who attend our events recommend Speed Dating over online dating.

There are still only a few big players but lots of people are trying to tap into the market via social groups like Meet Up, although the quality of the clientele is low.

Even the big dating companies like have started running live events, so that tells you where the industry is heading.

My day starts at around 9am when I wake up and check my email (and I get A LOT of email!

), usually things like password resets or new venues approaching us to run Speed Dating.


  1. Hold a free speed dating event at a bar or restaurant in your town. Advertise the event in your local newspaper, on your city's Craigslist site and on your local radio station. If the event is successful you may get callbacks from the participants for more dating help. At future speed dating events charge a small admission fee.

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