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Error validating saml response Dubi sax girl veido cam

(I'm not sure how much, if any, control I have over what the Id P uses from the Issuer!

) And, of course, thank you again for the help with this matter!

The response has a signed message and encrypted assertion: @clane-axial, Can you check if the SAMLResponse is also invalidated at this tool?

https:// validation is something complex, a simple extra space can invalidate your XML.

If I know the cert that is being used by the Id P, can I just add the missing elements into the original response?

Hi, I was successful in integrating with the onelogin Id P without any issues.

When I start my test application I do see a link to Okta IDP, after clicking "Start single sign-on" button i am being redirected to Okta address with info "Sining in to SAML - Test" (my Okta test name) after that I'm again being redirected to my application with: Caused by: org.opensaml.common.

SAMLException: Response doesn't have any valid assertion which would pass subject validation at org.springframework.websso.

In the validation process is checked who sent the message (Id P Entity Id), who received the SAML Response (SP Entity Id) and where (SP Attribute Consume Service Endpoint) and what is the final destination (Target URL, Destination).

However, after a little effort in attempting to add support to another Idp, I encountered the following error message "Signature validation failed. Also, I am using the cert fingerprint to validate the signature which I pulled directly from the cert.

SAML Response rejected", which led to me this thread. I get the exact same error but I have the appropriate , tags in the assertion.

As you can see, I'm using dummy values for the Id P single Sign On Service and single Logout Service URLs.

I don't think I need them in my case as I just need to process the SAML Response, but I'm not completely sure about that.


  1. Error Validating SAML Message - This request requires HTTP. I am trying to integrate SAML2 filter and Shibboleth and get stuck with following problem This request requires HTTP authentication.

  2. INFO SAMLDefaultLogger - AuthNResponse;FAILURE;.42org.opensaml.common. SAMLException Error validating SAML response at org.springframework.websso. WebSSOProfileConsumerImpl.processAuthenticationResponseWebSSOProfileConsumerImpl.java246 at.

  3. The entity ID of your Spring SAML Service Provider doesn't match Destination element in the SAML response from Okta. Compare the two values and fix the value on either Spring SAML or Okta side.

  4. SAML Troubleshooting. When troubleshooting SAML configuration/log-in issues, be sure to enable DEBUG mode for the SAML module. DEBUG mode allows for additional logging and more detailed error messages to be captured in the file located in /opt/zoomdata/logs that is useful for troubleshooting.

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