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It combines a green triangle on the hoist side and four horizontal stripes of red, yellow, blue, and white.Red symbolizes the heart and love of humanity, green the farmer and life, white the air and purity, yellow the sun and wheat, and blue the sky and faith.The Druze themselves found al-Hakim's actions to be further evidence of his divinity.Druze historians believe al-Hakim's reputation for instability was exaggerated, but they do describe him variously as capricious, whimsical, enigmatic, and prone to violence.

They slowly re-entered public life, but most began emigrating to remote mountainous regions in Lebanon, Syria, and what became Israel, where they hoped they could practice their faith without persecution.In 1009, al-Hakim bi-Amrih Alla announced that he was the earthly incarnation of God.He began attracting followers, and the Druze sect was born near Cairo, Egypt.In The Druze, Robert Benton Betts wrote, "The general picture that emerges is of a brilliant megalomaniac who dreams of uniting the Islamic world under his own aegis at whatever cost - a goal toward which all his political moves, internal reforms, even the creation of a new religious movement with himself as the divine center, were aimed." Al-Hakim disappeared around 1020.The widely accepted theory is that he was murdered by conspirators with the help of his sister.The Druze developed a fierce loyalty to each other because of their isolation.It also made them an easier target for French, British, and, later, Israeli occupying forces that wanted to undermine Arab nationalism after World War I.Although they live in various parts of the world, the Druze have a flag, which strengthens their sense of unity.The flag includes five colors, which represent five prophets.Because of their fear of outsiders, no new members have been admitted to the sect since 1043.Despite trying to avoid conflict with large religious groups, Druze living among Muslims in the Middle East faced retribution.


  1. I Am Druze. I Am Not Druze But I. I never thought men like this. I am a christian and the man i love is a druze, when we dating each other we felt.

  2. In serbian druze means men going in school togather or in service for the term. or I can call my friend Mr. Adam or DRUZE Adam.

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