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Have you ever questioned yourself if you need a dating coach who helps you?

What’s wrong in your actions if you still don’t find your love?

Discouraged yet hopeful, I would come back the following day and repeat the entire sequence again.

So, for the remainder of this article, we aren’t going to talk about purpose.

Instead, we are going to use a different term —“Well, there is a girl that works in one of the coffee shops I go to… I love how she can work from wherever she wants, while getting paid to do creative work that she enjoys. but I think it would be cool to have a life similar to hers.”“Okay, I just texted a few of my closest friends. Also, they said I am ridiculously knowledgeable when it comes to coffee (I am a bit of a coffee snob I suppose). I also have noticed people think they need to spend a lot of money on their clothes to dress well.

This means: Using any references to Mistletoe, wearing Christmas themed jumpers and any chat-up line that involves the words Santa or cracker.

A lot of men are under the impression that women suddenly become attracted to cheesy pick up lines and silly jumpers just because it’s Christmas.


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