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Dating sports fans hockey

And if this had been written a few months ago, Miami could still claim the biggest star in the sports world.But, sadly, Le Bron has taken his talents away from South Beach.In fact, you could make the argument that no city this size has had a rougher go of it when it comes to sports in the last 20 years. Detroit and Miami have five, while Denver has four. Louis and Pittsburgh have three, as does San Francisco. There are plenty of great options, and the fan experience is one of the best around.

The lack of success is really what killed the city by the lake.

Plus, we all know that Atlanta will always be the city where the playas play. And it's not even close: not one championship appearance. But because the fans won't give up, this remains an underrated sports city.

This has little to do with the fans or the culture or the history and almost everything to do with how poorly the majority of this city's teams have performed for at least a generation. Miami generally gets a bad rap as a sports city, but it's mostly unearned.

Thanks to major facility upgrades, Minneapolis has attracted huge events, such as the MLB All Star Game and the 2018 Super Bowl.

Adrian Peterson and hometown heroes Joe Mauer and Zach Parise provide the perfect mix of elite, rare talent and feel-good stories. Throw in a year-round craving for another winner, a strong media presence and unique fan experiences, and Minneapolis offers just about everything you'd want in a sports city.


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