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Dating people with the same last name who is romain duris dating

This would also result in there being no culture clash that could occur if I was to date someone of a different race or religion and any future child having to grow up with two conflicting view points.On the other hand, I have struggled with this in the past, due to me having been brought up in a diverse, multi-racial country where Indian people are a minority. I’m on it and most of the people there are any other race apart from Indian.She found someone through my parents, so you could label it an ‘arranged marriage’, which has many negative connotations around it.

Everything just clicked into place, he got me like no one else could”.In the world of a British Indian we are closed books when it comes to dating.Unless we are ready to take the next step of marriage, we usually have to be discreet about our relationships, due to the pressures that will come from our elders.My mum’s take on the matter is, “Yes, I do want my kids to marry into the same religion and caste, as I want my grandchildren to have the same values and same traditions we have”.This is a fair point because I do believe if I dated a girl of the same caste and religion, then our values would be inherited down to the next generation, ensuring our beliefs didn’t get lost.But saying that, if I did unexpectedly find The One then I may have to consider something different. Taylor Lautner has been cozying up to Taylor Swift, and he tells "Extra" that it's kind of funny dating somebody with the same name.Me and a friend often have discussions about caste.He is a Tharkhan and I am a Jatt, and traditionally, my caste is seen as a higher.Another option is dating sites, where a couple (like Shaadi) even go as far as segregating the search into different castes as opposed to other dating sites giving the option of race.Sikhs have divided into castes from birth, which relate to which jobs we did in India back in the day.


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  3. How do you uphold your cultural beliefs and try to date at the same time. Dating As A Sikh In The 21st Century. Last Name * Your Email * ×.

  4. People or things with the same name are homonymous. The term applies to people who have the same name, as well as books, films, songs with the same title, etc. For instance the movie version of a book can share the same title of the original book, in which case they are homonymous. If they have different titles, then they are heteronymous.

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