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Dating girls from philippines

Assure her that if everything goes ok on the first date, then you will make plans to meet her family the next day. If you have two weeks vacation in the Philippines, you’ve got to use the time wisely.

Meet a girl for dinner and if you’re not feeling it, drop her and move on to the next prospect!

If you don’t, she’ll still be humping it over to the comm shop at all hours of the night in the rain. Make sure you read my other articles on so you’re well prepared.

Kindly explain to the girl that you want to meet her first, to see if you like one another.

The poor girl had to take a guess about what I was asking.

She was too shy to tell me that her phone was broken.

At that point, your spending actually becomes an investment in your future.

I’m not saying to try to buy her love by showering her with gifts.


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