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Dating gibson es 125

The bassplayer of "my" jazztrio owns a 1968 ES-175 with one humbucker, that I pluck sometimes when I'm at his place.

It's a very, very nice and good guitar with vintage-magic, but with the current devellopment of the vintage market, the price-prestation-ratio is very out of balance.

“Mary Ford and I were playing at Wood Hospital, in Milwaukee, for injured war veterans.

I swear, those frets were made out of old beer cans!

But even the current production ES-175, though a fine sounding and playing guitar, is way overprized in my opinion. It is a lower cost alternative, and was made from 91-02.

But well, that could be completely new discussion..... I have other guitars i can use for rock/blues and cannot spend the $$ on a 175 so i think if will keep searching for a nice vintage 125. I have played a few, and they are pretty cool guitars for the $. They come with a trapeze bridge, and either with humbuckers or P-100's. You can easily pick one up in good condition for around 00-1200. Cheers, Steve There's a lot of different kinds of 125'd floating around, and they're very different from each other....there's one, 125 CD (cutaway deep?

The P90 is prone to hum and feedback but has a great sound.

The bassplayer of "my" jazztrio owns a 1968 ES-175 with one humbucker, that I pluck sometimes when I'm at his place.

The 125 played better and sounded better acoustically than the 175.

Then again I recently played a '57 175 which played better than I remembered my 125 ...

“To me, that’s the sound of jazz – and rock and roll.

I like the sound of the 175 re-issue(not the price ), but am curious about some vintage 125s.


  1. Dating gibson es 125 dating chat ukrain “All I did with my guitar was try to enhance what Elvis was doing,” he said.“There were just three of us in the band.

  2. Gibson ES Series The Gibson ES. Renamed to ES-125 ES-120T. "Gibson USA Florentine" released in 2009 is a solid-body model.

  3. Find great deals on eBay for gibson es 125 and gibson es 175. Shop with confidence.

  4. The Gibson ES-175 is an electric guitar manufactured by the Gibson Guitar Corporation, currently still in production. It is a 24 3 ⁄ 4" scale full hollow-body.

  5. How to Date a Gibson Using Serial Numbers, FONs and Logos. 1953 125. 1958 Les Paul Custom. Dating a Gibson by Serial Number

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