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Dating an ex convict

Despite Jake's accusations, he was the only one charged. But Jake insists the surveillance video at a Home Depot in New York City proves his claims. " Van Sant asked Jake."No I could not," he replied, adamant.Buchbinder is seen standing next to him paying for the very tool that police would find the next morning on the floor of Michael Weiss' office."Jake there is no one that really disputes that you suffer from mental illness. "Had I never met Pamela Buchbinder this wouldn't be my story."As Jake Nolan's eyes opened on the morning of Nov, 12, 2012 -- the day he was supposed to kill Michael Weiss -- he says he wasn't alone."Pamela was there in bed," Jake explained."Pamela and I had formed a relationship when I was really young," Jake explained. " Van Sant asked."Thank you," Jim Nolan agreed."Finally," Van Sant noted."Thank you. But the Nolans now say sending their son to live with Pamela Buchbinder was the biggest mistake they have ever made."It's a total horrible nightmare," said Debbie Nolan.

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"She was hysterical, crying tears as she put the sledgehammer into a duffel bag with the kitchen knife," said Jake."Like she's packing a bag to head off to school, except this is to head off to a murder? And there was one more item that was vital to the scheme."The night before, she had provided me with the map … Weiss' apartment without going through the normal security measures," he replied.She would give him therapy sessions and monitor his meds. I mean, this woman is gonna save my life."By all accounts, the plan seemed to be working."I thought he was very happy.In return, she proposed he help take care of her then-4-year-old son, Calder, in spite of Jake's mental illness. And I thought he was quite stable," said Debbie Nolan."So you guys must've felt everything's coming together here?Weiss and Buchbinder never married, and broke up for good soon after their son, Calder, was born. "And there was never any romantic or sexual relationship ever between these two people.When Calder was 4, Buchbinder asked Jake to be her child's godfather -- shortly before she took Jake in. So what this is, is all mental manipulation.""'I miss you terribly,' she would say when you were away.NEW YORK CITY – "There's never gonna be a night I don't fall asleep feeling awful for what I've done," Jacob Nolan told "48 Hours" correspondent Peter Van Sant. Debbie and Jim Nolan, Jake's parents, are devastated.To this day, Jake insists his mind was not his own when he set out to kill Dr. "He is basically a really good kid who doesn't have a mean bone in his body," said Debbie Nolan. he liked to invent things."But Jake also had problems. " Van Sant asked Debbie Nolan of her son."Yes," she replied. and I reached for the knife," Jake told Van Sant."Here I am with this knife. Pamela Buchbinder."My experience with Pamela, looking back, was incredibly frightening, incredibly frightening," said Jake. Michael Weiss, was Buchbinder's ex-boyfriend and another psychiatrist."Do you believe he was brainwashed?" Van Sant asked."She was arrested and charged with an assault," Acevedo replied. I mean, there's physical proof that he was attacked.""Is it true that Michael Weiss has also been arrested in the course of this war with Pam? "Pamela contended that Michael threatened her or attempted to assault her."In each incident, the charges were dismissed.But the war of the psychiatrists moved onto another battlefield, the courtroom, as Buchbinder and Weiss fought over the custody of their son."These are two psychiatrists. " Van Sant asked Acevedo."There was no communication," he replied.


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