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Dating after long hiatus

I didn’t want to go on Tinder again—a bad date was one thing before I had a child, but now, a bad date meant a babysitter bill and a night away from my daughter.

It took taking dating away to realize I was okay without it.

I take my time to get to know the people I date, and look at the evening much more as a chance to connect with another adult than a chance to meet someone who might be my perfect match.

And that’s because my dating hiatus made me realize that I was pretty content with my life as it was, right now.

I didn’t leave my daughter at all for the first six months of her life; now that I was involved in the ultimate committed relationship as a parent to a child, I wasn’t sure what I wanted my dating life to look like—or even if I wanted one.

It was a friend who had been a single mom, who was now happily married, who convinced me to keep my options open.


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