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Coca cola bottle dating

Bottlers needed a better option and found one with the crown, cork and seal bottle.

The bottle crown with a cork seal inside was patented in 1892 to William Painter.

They still had false bottoms with drilled holes for the bottles placement.

These cases were used for delivery to local customers by a horse and wagon.

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As seen by reading the previous information, one can see that for a Coca-Cola marked case to have actually been used for hutch bottles (like many claim) would be very rare.These first bottling companies (with a couple of exceptions) used the Hutchinson stoppered bottle to distribute the drink.The Hutchinson bottle dated from 1879 and used a primitive looping wire apparatus and rubber gasket to seal the bottle.Even if the bottler was in operation, one would need proof that the bottler actually used Hutchinson bottles (either generic, embossed with the bottler name, or actually marked Coca-Cola) in their operation.Very few cases and bottlers meet all these qualifications.In 1898 the first foot-powered crowner that could cap 24 bottles a minute was introduced.But this new crowner was of limited usefulness until the Owen's Automatic Bottle Machine was introduced to bottle manufacturers in 1903.These cases were primarily used for shipments to other towns on railroad cars.The city delivery cases were smaller than patent shipping cases and didn’t have partitions or lids.They were soon widely accepted and its is thought that all new Coca-Cola bottlers after 1904 purchased only crown top bottles.Wooden cases for Hutchinson bottles generally held 24 bottles and had false bottom with 24 holes into which the inverted "neck downwards" Hutchinson bottles were placed.


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